The Tower

Closeburn Castle is a defense tower and the access was through a wooden ladder till 1748, when the Kirkpatriks moved in after their mansion, placed just a few miles to the North, was burn by the mistake of a drunken servant. The family used the old mansion´s sandstones left after the fire to rebuilt the Castle, quite damaged because of the battles it had been involved in. That´s the first adiction made to the tower where the stairs to gain access to the first floor were built.

The Castle still has its iron defense gate or YETT, most of iron gates were taken to be showed in museums all over the country and only 37 yetts still remain in place, only 5 of them dated earlier than 15th century.

On the ground floor is the access to the house when it´s rented, although most of it is private and can only be visited by booking a guided tour.

Also in the ground level are the dungeons, where there used to be a well that was accesed from the great hall on the first floor so in case of besiege they were not isolated without water. The dungeons can only be visited if you book a guided tour.

From the yett a short passage leads to the great hall which originally was a single chamber with vaulted ceilings and a large fire in the middle to cook and heat all floors. In 1748 Thomas Kirkpatrick divided all the floors with a wall when he came to live here incorporating fireplaces on either sides of the wall and a central chimney stack on the roof. The windows have either been enlarged or filled up and some may have been added.

Before you enter the tower, a small pantry has been transformed into a small but functional fully equipped kitchen.

The great hall and the parlour are in the first floor as well as the spiral stair which rises within the thickness of the North wall leading to the following floors and the parapet-walk.


On the second floor the O´Donnell room is decorated with memories and portraits of Luis Kirkpatrick y O´Donnell´s family. Don Luis (1910-2010) was the 12th Baron of Closeburn, son of Guillermo Kirkpatrick y O´Farrill and Maria Victoria O´Donnell y Vargas. This room was decorated more detailed than others in the tower, we find some stucco details that make us think that maybe it had a use beyond a mere bedroom.

Also in the 2nd floor is the Empress Eugenie room, decorated with Maria Eugenia Palafox Portocarreño y Kirkpatrick coat of arms and family portraits. Eugenia was the grandaughter of William Kirkpatrick of Malaga and Conheath and she married Napoleon III in 1853 becoming empress consort of the French.  Napoleon said: "I prefer to marry a woman whom I love and respect than a stranger, with whom an alliance could have advantages mixed with sacrifices" . In 1856 their only son Luis Napoleon was born. Eugenia died at the age of 94 in a visit to Spain.

The 3rd floor accommodates The Kirkpatrick Suite that includes a bedroom with a majestic double bed with ensuite bathroom and a living room, all decorated with some Kirkpatrick family trees, the family coat of arms and the portrait of  Guillermo Kirkptatrick y Kirkptrick, son of Thomas James Kirkpatrick of Closeburn and Carlota Catalina Kirkpatrick y Grevigne. The marriage of this two kirkpatricks is the origin of the Spanish branch of the family. Some details from the Clan Colquhoun has been added too. This suite is the perfect place if you really want to feel the Queen or King of the Castle!

The top of the tower is a restrited area and you´ll only be allowed to go when accompanied by the owners and in any way the tennats or visitors are allowed to go on their own. There you will find the access to the roof and the parapet.