Book a private tour to discover Closeburn Castle from "top to toe"!

What´s included in the tour? A tour is a private guided visit to the Castle, including most of the private area of the castle, the tower itself, the dungeons and the battlements. it usually takes between 1 hour and a half and 2 hours ... depending on how courious the group is! The guide will tell you stories about the Castle, not only about its construction but also about its history and the Kirkpatrick family, their connection with Robert The Bruce and Williiam Wallace and their rol in the Scottish Independence. And of course don´t miss the stories about the curse of the family and the ghost! Ask for more details if you want a more extensive tour in the area.

How much is a private guided tour?  The tour is £50 to be paid on cash on the day, this price is for groups up to 10 people. if your party is bigger than that then please contact us. Notice that if you book the castle to stay a tour would be included (ven tho you´ll still nee to arrange a suitable time/date with your guide).

Am I allowed to take pictures? Pictures from the outside and inside the property in the public areas are allowed but please avoid pictures when visiting the private areas unless you ask for permisión to your guide.

Will I have access to the souvenirs? Of course you will ... indeed I encourage you to buy some of our exclusive souvenirs at the end of the tour but you can also buy them from home if you want!

How do I book a tour?  That´s as easy as sending an email ( or even easier if you want to contact me on FB. Just let me know your dates and we´ll arrange a day/time together.

Kirkpatrick Tour

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